Marv Golden’s Prices

Marv Golden discounts virtually everything we sell. We will usually display the manufacturer’s suggested Retail Price (“List Price”) along with “Marv’s Price.” All prices, both suggested retail price and Marv’s Price are subject to change.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Many of our vendors require us to advertise their Minimum Advertised Price, (MAP). Since we are authorized dealers for these vendors, we must adhere to these policies. In most cases, we sell for less than the MAP Price. You will be able to determine our actual selling price by clicking the “See Price” button. This will display “Cart Window” that will enable you to see the actual selling price and place it in your Shopping Cart if you wish.

International Prices

Marv Golden Pilot Supplies sells all of our products in U.S. Dollars. For currency conversion, please click the following link to estimate our prices in your own currency.