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Flight Bags

Staying organized and prepared are the key elements of any successful flight, and having the right flight bag or case can help ensure you stay on track no matter where life takes you. From small satchel-type bags to full-sized luggage, Marv Golden offers a complete range of flight bags and cases including traditional bags and cases as well as roller bags and duffel bags. All of Marv Golden's flight bags are manufactured by leading luggage manufacturers, using durable materials and featuring high-quality workmanship. Every bag comes pre-packed with useful features like zippered pockets and interior dividers to keep even small items safely stowed.

Marv Golden has been serving pilots for more than 40 years, offering products that pilots and flight crew members need to make their work and personal lives more fulfilling. Every bag sold by Marv Golden is offered at a low, competitive price and features a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our wide range of sizes and styles ensures there's a bag for everyone and every need, and because all of Marv Golden's bags and cases are designed and manufactured by luggage experts, they look as good as they work.

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