Handheld Aviation Transceivers

Having a high quality, reliable, portable aviation radio is a must when flying. Pilots rely on handheld aviation transceivers for communication and Marv Golden carries a great selection of aviation radios at low prices.

Student pilots may simply need an economical COM-only handheld aviation transceiver, while more experienced pilots may want a more sophisticated NAV/COM handheld aviation radio. Marv Golden also carries pilot handheld radios that are ILS-, VOR-, and GPS-capable.  

Redundancy is critical for flight safety. Don’t take off without a portable aviation radio to back you up for communication and navigation. For more on selecting handheld aviation radios, review our Transceiver Learning Guide or contact one of the experienced pilots or flight instructors on our staff, who will be happy to help you determine which handheld aviation transceiver may be best for you.

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